How To Use This Site

To Obtain a Password

Brokers can apply to use Aeroinsure by completing the registration form. The form can be found on the Register page. Once registered and approved, a User ID and Password is provided for each member that completed the registration form. Please keep in mind that the User ID and Password are case sensitive..

Contact Us

All enquiries should be directed to us using the contact details provided on the CONTACT US page. The following can be e-mailed to - requests for endorsements not available online, applications, quote submissions for aircraft that are not available online.

System Requirements

The site has been designed to handle almost all different types of screen settings; however, we do recommend using 1280 x 800 to see the site at its best. You can print almost all areas of the site and the site will print out on any printer on the market. We do recommend that if you have a color printer then you change the settings to black and white as this will save you some considerable time and you will also obtain a better quality reproduction.

Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser, some features might be unavailable. Please use a different browser for optimum performance.

In addition, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program is required to read quotes, binders and endorsements that are displayed in a pdf format.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Quoting Overview

The program allows you to obtain a Full Quotation for hull & liability as well as personal non-owned aircraft liability policies. Assuming all underwriting requirements are satisfied, a quotation can be further developed into a policy in a matter of minutes.

Please note: Do not use any special characters throughout the quoting process.

A full quotation will provide the Aeroinsure user with all coverage and premium options, as well as a list of all of the endorsements (that expand or restrict coverage), that will be placed onto a particular policy.

To begin the process of obtaining a quote for aircraft insurance choose Full Quotation on the menu-bar at the left side of the screen. Select Standard or Experimental / KIT in the Aircraft Type section found at the top of the page. The system requires some basic information to produce a quote. When obtaining an aircraft quote, please have the following information on hand:

  • Named Insured
  • City and State
  • Effective date for the policy
  • Aircraft registration number (not required to complete a quote)
  • Aircraft year
  • Aircraft make
  • Aircraft model
  • Insured value
  • Whether the aircraft is hangared or not
  • Airport Information *
  • A listing of all pilots who own or fly all aircraft listed on the policy
  • Pilot Age
  • Certificates and Ratings
  • Total logged hours and hours make and model (RG, CG, ME hours if required)
  • Details of any losses, waivers, accidents and/or violations that have occurred in the last 3 years.

*After supplying the aircraft information please enter the airport ID that the aircraft is based and click-on Search (do not enter PVT/private, etc. as the Identifier). If the ID is not known please enter the city and state of the aircraft and click-on Search. Please select the correct airport from the search results by clicking on the ID. If the airport is not on the list, select "Enter Airport Details Manually". Enter the Elevation, Length and Surface.

After all aircraft information has been provided we will need to obtain information on the pilots. Please provide the requested details for all pilots. If there are multiple pilots, use the Add/Update button to access pages for the additional pilots and then select New Pilot in the Select Pilot drop down box before entering the information on the next pilot. Click on Continue after information has been provided for all pilots.

From the Pilot Information screen you are brought to the Liability Section. After selecting the desired limit of liability and clicking on Continue a quote is presented. Your will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document. After confirming that all of the information is correct, coverage can be bound. If the Insured is not ready to bind coverage, but is interested in alternative quotations, you can select [Alternate Quote] and edit/change any information to produce a new quote.

To bind coverage simply select [Bind Quote] at the bottom of the summary page. You will be required to provide the Insured’s street address and postal code (city/state cannot be changed on the bind screen. An [Alternate Quote] can be done to make this change). Additionally, please reconfirm the desired date that coverage is to be incepted. After supplying the above information please select Bind.

You are now ready to proceed to your next transaction by choosing Full Quotation on the red menu-bar at the left hand side of the screen.

Full Quotation - Personal Non Ownership

Quotations for personal non-owned aircraft liability insurance can be obtained in the Full Quotation environment.

To begin the process of obtaining a quote for non-owned aircraft insurance choose Full Quotation on the menu-bar at the left side of the screen. Select Personal Non Owned in the Aircraft Type section found at the top of the page, then provide some basic information on the Insured (name, EAA Member No., city, state, start date, purpose of use), then click on the Continue button to go to the Pilot Details screen..

Please provide the details for the pilot to be insured and click on Continue to go to the Liability Selection page. Choose the appropriate limit of liability. If the Insured would like to purchase liability coverage for damage to non-owned aircraft, select one of the listed options or if the Insured does not want this coverage select the ‘I wish to decline coverage for damage to non-owned aircraft'. If the Insured would like to include their employer as an additional insured please select ‘Add my employer as an additional insured’ and enter the Employer’s name. If the Insured does not want TRIPRA coverage then select ‘I wish to decline TRIPRA coverage’. After all limits are selected click on the Continue button. The program will provide a quotation for non-owned aircraft liability insurance (including liability coverage for damage to non-owned aircraft and additional insured coverage if selected). The policy is bound and completed in the same manner as all other Full Quotations.

Work with Clients

This section allows you to recall prior quotes for update and binding. Additionally, you can recall an existing policy to request specific endorsements to make changes to the policy. All other endorsement or change requests to the policy may be requested in an e-mail sent to

When you select the Work with Clients function you will be brought to a search page. You may search using any of the criteria presented. After providing the searchable information please click on the Search button. The program will return all records that match your search criteria. Please select the record you wish to work with from the list of returns by selecting the Reference number.

The program will provide you with a record summary in which you can see details and view the endorsements. Please select the button at the bottom of the page that reflects the action you would like to take and precede as prompted.

New Brokers – Register Here

If you do not have a User ID and Password, this section needs to be completed prior to using the quoting system. Simply provide the company and contact information for each registered user.

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